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G's Group

G's Group is formed by several companies both nationally and internationally, each one of them dedicated to a specific area.

Companies nationwide


National network of companies responsible for the production of fresh fruits and vegetables.

G’s España S.L
Minihojas del Sureste S.L.
Frutas y Hortalizas del Sureste S.L.
Cítricos de Almenara S.L.
Hortalizas de Europa, S.L.
Agrícola 92 S.L. 

Company specialized in the production of organic fruits and vegetables.

Naturally Organic S.L


Our marketing agents nationwide.

Pascual Marketing S.L.
Agricola 92 Fresh, S.L.


The company in charge of the production of ready to eat products is

Love Fresh Co.

International companies

Central Europe

Our company in Central Europe is located in the Czech Republic. G's Marketing Central Europe is producer and marketer of fresh fruits and vegetables and ready to eat products.


Beetz is  focused on the production of ready-to-eat beets.


Love Beets was born in England, however, it was in the USA where it achieved a high recognition. At Love Beets USA, we are producers and marketers of processed beet products.

United Kingdom

Our presence in England is formed by two companies: G's Fresh, a company that produces and markets fresh vegetables and G's Fresh Prepared, in charge of ready-to-eat products.


Our representation in Poland is Grupa Producentów Agros Spólka Zo.o, producer and marketer of fruits and vegetables, among other products.


West Africa Farms Holdings dedicated to the production of some of our products to guarantee the supply throughout the year.